Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe AIR for Mobile

Hello World~! Our First AIR App On The Android

Flash CS5 Packages for Android & iPhone
Flash Developers on the mobile platform should head on over to Adobe and download a trial version of Flash Professional CS5. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 now publishes directly to most mobile devices. It packages for the Android Eclair and Froyo OS as well as the iPhone 3.0 OS.

Released in April, Adobe Flash Professional CS5 came with some brow raising new features. I say brow raising because the number one feature listed by Adobe is the Packager for iPhone despite Apple blindsiding Adobe in April days before CS5s release.

If you click on the iPhone details you will also find that Flash Professional CS5 also ships with a Packager for Android. Why didn’t adobe put their packager for Android as a Feature just as it does with the iPhone? – I do not know. Especially now with so much hype around Android and sales numbers shredding early iPhone records. Adobe does go on to say this however about the Google OS:

We believe Android will enable a series of very competitive devices in the market and are working closely with Google and other Open Screen Project (OSP) partners on this

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Features as listed on Adobe Labs:

Adobe AIR Prerelease
In addition you may want to get registered with the Adobe Prerelease Program in order to snag Beta Adobe AIR for Android OS. Installing AIR on your Android mobile device is quick and easy. Unfortunately, AIR does not work on iPhone because the iPhone has restrictions against calling any private APIs. This will be your stopping point when it comes to actually seeing your Flash projects come to fruition on the iPhone.

Developing AIR Apps for Android
I’ll give you some steps below to help you along getting AIR on your Android Device.

What you’ll need
First you will need Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Trial. Download and install.

You will also need the AIRforAndroid_FlashCS5_061010.zxp file to publish your apps from Flash. you can find the location of this file with the documentation .pdf.

Air for Android
You can get Adobe AIR 2 for Android which will allow you to publish ActionScript 3 projects to run as native applications (.apk) on your Android phone.

Adobe AIR Prerelease Program
Register for the Adobe Pre release.

Download appropriate AIR versions for devices.
For Froyo (2.2)

For Eclair(2.1)

Tip:The current shipped OS is 2.1 aka Eclair, make sure you do not install AIR for Froyo unless you are running 2.2. Look for older builds to find the Eclair.apk

Android SDK
You can get the Android SDK here.

Terminal/Console Commands
On Mac OSX open Applications folder and launch Terminal. At this time you still need to use console commands to install AIR onto the mobile device.

adb devices Command
Use this to make sure your device is connected
adb devices

Find the AIR SDK using the export Command
Use this so your local directory can find your AIR for device prior to installation.
export PATH=$PATH: /C:/yourfolder/Runtime_Device_Eclair_20100603.apk


Install the AIR SDK
Use this to install the SDK. You will need the same folder hierarchy you listed in the export PATH.
adb -d install /C:/yourfolder/file

Tip: Once your device is connected to your computer you can list all packages and that will give you all the console commands you’ll need.

To list all packages
Probably the most important one you’ll need because it will show you the Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.26 commands that you will need to work with the phone from the terminal.

adb -shell pm list packages

Installing an app to the emulator or device
I had a bug publishing my app to the phone directly from Flash Professional CS5 so I had to put the app on the phone manually using console commands from the Terminal window.

-d : device
-e: emulator

adb - d install

Tip: Remember when using directories with spaces in the console you need to use the “\” key to skip spaces in directory and file names.

Developing in the Flash Professional CS5 for iPhone?
It is almost sad that I cannot write this article about Flash and Mobile devices without getting into the iPhone vs. Adobe discussion. I’ll try to clear this up briefly for anyone who may have been in a cave for the last 3 months.

Adobe was working on CS5 and developing packages for mobile. They were working close with Google for Android but obviously the big draw was going to be packaging for the iPhone 3.0 OS. The idea was that you could package up your projects and AIR would act as a runtime translator for your AS3 code to work on the mobile devices. Unfortunately, Apple has nixed any “private APIs” from running in Applications. You can still package for iPhone but it is now on Apple to allow AIR to run on their OS. If you really want to find out more about this just look into Apple Developer license agreement + 3.3.1.

Well that about wraps it up for this brief Article about Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe AIR for the Mobile Platform.

I will try to put up subsequent articles and tutorials on publishing applications to your mobile devices as time allows.

Goodbye World~!

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