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Day 4:HTML5 Animation using Three.js

Three.js is a lightweight JavaScript 3D library with a very low level of complexity. It supports canvas, svg and WebGL renderers. Browser support for WebGL renderers is still a little spotty, particularly on Mobile, so for example if you wanted to run a WebGL 3D project on the IPad or some older Android phones, it [...]

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Day 3:HTML5 Animation using JQuery

JQuery is a free open source JavaScript library created to simplify the process of scripting HTML and JavaScript. It specializes in accessing, adding, modifying and removing elements on your page, creating AJAX requests and creating interactive animations.

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Day 2: HTML5 Animation using CSS3

In Day 2 of the 5 Day series on HTML5 Animation we cover transforms, transitions and animations using CSS3

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Day 1: HTML5 Animation using Canvas

Learn 5 Different HTML5 animation techniques in 5 days.

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PaperVision3D interactive app on Android Mobile

With the arrival of Flash Player 10.1, Youtube is full of mobile nerds showing off 3D on their Android Phones. Hey, I’m that nerd!

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Rotomasking in Adobe After Effects 4

I found myself recently with a flattened .mov file and no access to my PaperVision3D class files. With a sudden need to add motion tracking and particle effects to the movie, I turn to AE4.

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Flash CS4 3D Tutorial Part II

Defy the Gods and create a 3D object in Flash. Flash CS4 3D Tutorial Part II.

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Flash CS4 3D Tutorial Part I

When it comes to 3D, Flash Designers no longer need to stand behind Developers with their hands on their hips. 3D in Flash CS4!

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Creating Animated Confetti Using ActionScript 2

Learn to create dynamically animated confetti using ActionScript 2. You will do this with only one movie clip in your library.

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